How Can You Benefit from HONOR X9b’s Anti-Drop Feature?

Have you heard of the HONOR X9b’s anti-drop feature? The manufacturer, HONOR, made sure that you are getting a device that is resistant to drops on any part of the device. With the HONOR X9b Malaysia price of just around RM 1500, you are getting a smartphone that will surely be durable enough to withstand drops and is quality-certified to last a long time. But what is in it for you? How will benefit from this feature for the HONOR X9b? Read more to find out. 

Benefits of the HONOR X9b’s Ultra-Bounce Feature

It protects the components

The HONOR X9b is a newly designed device that was released in October of 2023. It has 5G connectivity with a 108MP main camera, a 5MP ultra wide angle, a 2MP macro camera, and a 16MP front camera. With regard to its processor, it has a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 with 20GB RAM Turbo capability and 256GB huge storage. All of these important components of the phone for the HONOR X9b Malaysia price need to be protected somehow. Through the ultra-bounce feature of the device, you can be sure that all of these precious parts of the smartphone are safe even when accidentally dropped on the floor. 

The 360-degree anti-drop protection ensures that every compartment, frame, and screen of the phone is safe. HONOR provided a three-layer shield for the device. It has single-point reinforcement protection, deep seal protection, and wraparound cushioning. All of these added materials help give the HONOR X9b a boost in covering. 

It adds value to the phone

When you have a phone that is resistant to physical damage, you are paying for the premium quality of the device. This means that the value of the phone also is maintained throughout your use of the device. If you are going to resell this phone in three years, you are still going to have a high return on your investment in this device. The parts will still be intact as well as the components in it. With such an integrated add-on, the HONOR X9b is a great phone to have for those who aim to change phones after a number of years. 

It offers value for money

Phones often get damaged because of accidental falls. Even if you only had your phone for weeks, if you drop the phone in the wrong way, the glass of the device may be shattered, or the frame may be damaged. Because of the three-layer material of the HONOR X9b, you are sure to extend the life of your phone. If your phone accidentally falls from your hand, you are guaranteed to have a device that can withstand such impact. According to HONOR, the cushioning material can absorb as much as 1.2 times the force as it makes the drop. 

When you buy the HONOR X9b today, you are not just getting all the functions of the software. You are also acquiring a robust hardware for the device that will keep it from being damaged or ruined over time. 


Now that you know the benefits of the Ultra-Bounce capability of the HONOR X9b, you can be sure that you are getting a sturdy device that will keep working for many years. The three-level protection that HONOR has utilized on this phone gives this device toughness at all angles. The HONOR X9b Malaysia price combines function and value, especially with the anti-drop feature which protects the frame, the screen, and the components. You should take a second look at this device and consider this as your next device.