Benefits of Face Unlock Feature That is Both Accurate and Precise

The face unlock feature has been going around with all the new phones being released today. The HONOR X9b is no exception. With the HONOR X9b price UAE of around AED 1299, you get the face unlock feature that is both accurate and precise. You may not be aware of it but having this simple yet effective feature makes a lot of difference in a number of situations. Here are the benefits of having a face unlock feature.

What are the Benefits of Face Unlock?

It makes phone access easier

One of the features that you can find in the HONOT X9b is the Face Unlock. You will not find this in most of the other products in the same niche. For the HONOR X9b price UAE right now, you will really get the best bang for your buck because of the number of features that it has, including the face unlock.

When you want to access your phone, you do not have to remember your PIN or enter your password every time. You just have to put your phone up and show your face so that it opens up readily. Even if you are holding something else, you can just tap on your phone and easily unlock it using the face unlock feature.

During emergencies where you cannot use your fingers or hands, you can still access your phone through face unlock. You can then talk to the integrated phone assistant to assist you in what you want to do.

It enhances the security of the phone

Another great benefit of having face recognition on the phone is that it enhances your information’s security. Your password can easily be stolen. Your pin can also be cracked in a matter of time. But with face recognition, it makes it more difficult for hackers to access your phone and, in turn, your data.

Face recognition is very hard to imitate. This makes the security of your phone more robust compared to other mobile devices. Your personal information as well as your other data is safer and more secure with the HONOR X9b.

It protects your financial transactions

People are most scared of their financial transactions being divulged to the public. Finance information should also be protected at all times because knowing this kind of information may result in money theft, or even worse, identity theft. You have to cover all grounds so that you can be sure that no leaks will ever occur on your part.

Phones are like your mini-banks. It contains all your personal and financial information. When one takes a peek at your phone, he will surely get loads of information about you. The data that he can get may include usernames, passwords, financial accounts available, and banks that you interact with. If someone gains access to your smartphone, you better lock this phone down and change all passwords.

But with face recognition, you put an additional layer of protection on your financial information. Aside from your passwords, you make it harder for possible hackers to get into your device.



The HONOR X9b’s face unlock feature, indeed, offers a lot of benefits. You can easily access your phone even if your other hands are doing something else. It is this seemingly simple advantage that makes a world of convenience for anyone who owns phones like the HONOR X9b that has a face unlock feature. The HONOR X9b price UAE is just AED 1,299. At this price point, you get the face unlock feature as well as other features like the ultra-bounce, the 1200 nit peak brightness, and the powerful processor that will support your gaming and daily activities.