The Way of Cultural Innovation: Diversified Development

All cultures and history have certain values, and as individuals within the same cultural background, we must inherit these meaningful values. Therefore, we need to be confident in our own culture, carry out cultural innovation and development, and allow our culture to be passed down. Cultural innovation can make people in the same community a sense of national Cultural identity and improve cultural self-confidence. This is not something that only some people have to do. It is something that everyone has to do. As members of the same community, we also need to contribute our own efforts and make our own contributions. Of course, there are many ways of cultural innovation, and the cultural history behind it is even more rich and colorful. It is necessary for the entire society to adhere to the development of one’s own traditional culture.

Approaches to Cultural Innovation

Inherit Tradition and Bring Forth New Ideas through Innovation

The primary way of cultural innovation is to first inherit all the essence of culture, understand what is valuable and meaningful, and then combine it with the current era to get new products. Culture is the foundation of society, and what we need to do is firmly lay the foundation of society. Therefore, we need to integrate more with new ways in modern society, and traditional culture must be integrated with the characteristics of this era to produce new cultural products so that our traditional culture can have the opportunity to continue to develop.

Combining Offline and Online

When innovating culture, traditional cultural forms can be developed from offline to offline and online forms, such as using the internet to spread culture, enabling more people to understand their own culture, or using mobile phones to promote it. For example, using HONOR X8a and other series of smartphones: its high pixel function can be used to record images and videos, and culture can be promoted through the software on the phone, as Traditional culture has corresponding forms of expression, such as performances and craft production, which can be recorded and uploaded to platforms through mobile phones for cultural dissemination. To achieve interactive effects.

Promote the World

Cultural innovation requires human attention. If we can promote our traditional culture to the world and enable people from all over the world to understand our own traditional culture, it will play a very important role in the development and inheritance of culture. Therefore, one can not only focus on people in the same social environment but also from the perspective of people around the world. Promoting culture to the world is a proud thing, and it can also facilitate friendly exchanges and establish connections with other cultures. World culture is composed of different ethnic cultures, and the world is a big family. Cultural exchange can also promote the development of world civilization.

Interconnection with Business

If culture can be combined with commerce, it will reach the form of “cultural trade”. It is not about completely commercializing and commercializing culture, but about conducting commercial trade with products exported from culture. This can help more people understand cultural background, and cultural and creative products that combine cultural content with three-dimensional physical products have also emerged, These types of cultural and creative products can help people understand the stories of traditional culture, bring us more unique cultural experiences, help us better explore cultural possibilities, deeply experience cultural connotations, and also have commercial value.


Basically, the forms of cultural dissemination are diverse ways of cultural innovation and also diverse. Everyone should understand the importance of cultural innovation. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, traditional culture can be combined with emerging technologies to achieve the role of cultural innovation and bring progress to human civilization.