How Relevant Is Astrology When Deciding On A Career?

It’s exciting and potentially dangerous to talk about one’s profession. One of the most consequential choices a person can make is the career they choose to follow.

A job won’t make you happy unless it’s a good fit for you, and that’s true even if it’s not your dream job. Now the question is, “How do you know which job is suited for you?” and “What can smooth your difficult path?”

You can use the best astrology app to help you decide where to go to school, what kind of work or business to start, and how much effort is warranted at any given time, among other things. If being an IAS officer or businessman is your ultimate career goal, getting professional guidance is in your best interest.

Kundli Houses for Employment Predictions:

The sections of the Kundali that affect one’s professional life are described below. An online astrologer will consider these houses while predicting one’s professional future.

  • Second House

Earnings, returns on investments, and business turnover all fall under the purview of the second house. If you’re interested in standard Astrology-based salary predictions, this is the place to go. As a result, the second house is appropriately named Dhan bhava, the house of wealth.

  • Sixth House

When you perform a service for someone else, the majority of the financial reward will be determined by the recipient. This is an excellent metaphor for any service rendered or physical labor expended on behalf of another person. Repayment is another phrase for the amount of money you receive after a loan is repaid or an application is approved. This house is also known by the name Rina bhava for the reasons stated above.

  • Tenth House

Information regarding one’s professional life and career can be gleaned from the natal chart’s tenth house. The tenth house can tell you if you want to know more about your current or future job. You can learn much about your professional future by studying your tenth house’s planetary positions and ruler. The professional sector of the horoscope is where you should look for guidance.

  • Seventh House

You can see your partners’ qualities and flaws in the seventh house. If you ask yourself this question, you’ll know if it’s worth it to negotiate with that person. The alliance’s prospects are bolstered, and management of cooperation is offered. Respectable work possibilities are the responsibility of these organizations.

To what extent do astrological alignments correspond unemployment?

Astrological career predictions can help you better understand the meaning of “unemployment” and how the planets in your birth chart affect your professional life. Your horoscope can shed light on your job’s specifics, your advancement rate, and your potential earnings if you have one. The following table summarizes some essential astrological combinations. Get your Kundali examined to see what kind of career you’re most suited for based on specific astronomical alignments.

  • As a result, the sixth house ought to carry greater weight than the seventh. You can use this to see if your professional or commercial chances are improving.
  • It’s crucial for labor market projections to know how many Bindus, or points, the Ashtak Varga receives. There should be more Bindus in the sixth house than in the seventh. One’s chances of getting recruited are boosted in this way.
  • The native has a better chance of landing his dream job and succeeding in his chosen area if the Lord of the Tenth House is in a square, Kendra Bhava, Trikona Bhava, or is linked to the Lord of the Ascendant.
  • Parivartan yoga is produced when the ninth house’s fifth lord is in a favorable position relative to the ascendant’s Lord and the tenth house’s Lord.
  • The native will be able to find steady work during his major or subperiod if an exalted tenth house lord is aspecting the tenth house or resides in the home of a friend.
  • These stelliums generate a slew of yogas, and if the tenth house lord was related to the ninth house, or if the ninth house lord was connected to the tenth house by aspect or conjunction, then work opportunities would be abundant.


The houses in astrology are symbolic of many spheres of life and can reveal a person’s passions and talents. Some astrologers may utilize this data to advise clients on their professional paths. Keep in mind that astrology is not a scientifically established approach for deciding career choices; instead, it is merely one among several aspects that might be considered.